Experience Winter in Québec

Want to try winter sports in Québec? Don’t worry about the cold, because you’ll be having too much fun and excitement to notice it! That’s what these four people with disabilities told me when I accompanied them on four different activities: hiking, snowmobiling, downhill skiing and dog sledding.

I’m always happy to set out on an adventure, camera in hand, and show you the joys of going out. Unlike my visit to Chemin du Terroir des Laurentides, where I personally sampled local flavours for you, this time I enlisted the help of some adrenaline fans whose disability is no barrier to cold-weather fun. Check them out in this winter sports video running exactly 5:17 on the race clock!

  1. Karine was seated on a Hippocampe wheelchair fitted with skis and pushed down forest trails by volunteers. No uphill or downhill battle scared these adventurers. Just a bit of pulling, pushing and lifting and Karine reached the top.
  2. Bruno-Alexandre rode a snowmobile down wooden trails in the Québec City area. Helped by a staff member, this big, sturdy fellow transferred himself onto a skidoo, where an adjustable backrest held him in place. Watch him speed off under this beautiful January snowfall while safe and in control of his vehicle.
  3. Maxime was set up on a special ski-mounted chair and brought the beautiful peaks to us. Zigzagging left and right along slopes, our skier was practically unfazed by the cold, even in this evening chill. Hear him describe the benefits of the great outdoors.
  4. As for Maude, she had the chance to pet some huskies, those beautiful sled dogs. Quite calm while being pet, they quickly overflow with excitement once their guide straps on their harnesses. Watch them bound through field and forest trails. The wide smile on her face tells us Maude was undeterred by the sometimes bumpy ride!

Congrats to the technical team who braved below-average seasonal temperatures to show you how fun winter sports in Québec can be.

Oh, I almost forgot! I also participated in a sport! On our way home after the film shoot, I left solid ground to go skating on Lac Beauport. If you’ve never seen a girl lose her bearings, watch this video. You can also listen to it with described audio.

List of accessible and partially accessible activities

Did our video give you an appetite for adventure? Here’s a list of places and organizations in Québec where you can enjoy winter sports and great activities:

BivouaQ: this inclusive adventure tourism agency organizes nature outings with volunteers, even in winter, such as Hippocampe hiking, Nordic skiing and much more.

Fondation des sports adaptés

Adaptive Sports Foundation: this organization offers educational sports programs for people living with functional limitations in a safe, friendly environment and encourages individuals to learn new skills by playing outdoor sports: adaptive alpine skiing, paranordic skiing and ice skating.

Get some fresh air with Sépaq: for years, one of Sépaq’s goals has been to make the outdoors accessible. Many parks provide adapted equipment to help you enjoy winter to the fullest, such as Skivel attachments, Hippocampe chairs, Kartus wheelchairs and more. Reserve yours today.

Accès Grimpe: this is an organization for adaptive climbing enthusiasts that holds winter outings for people with functional limitations. It all happens on ice walls, a truly impressive experience.

Nord Expe and Arctic Adventure: these organizations offer snowmobiling activities using skidoos equipped with additional back support for increased safety. However, this activity requires fine arm motor skills, good eyesight and the ability to transfer yourself from your wheelchair to the snowmobile.

Kinadapt: this organization offers dog sledding trips on several classic models of sleds that, for improved safety, have had a back shell added to support individual riders.

Ski in total freedom: for winter sports enthusiasts, Québec has many ski resorts with adapted rental equipment available. Some places even have instructors that accompany you, so go ahead: reserve your equipment and set out to conquer the Québec mountains.