FAQ What is a certified "accessible" room?

A room that meets all of the following criteria:

  • Accessible entrance
  • Adequate door width (80 cm or 31.5 inches)
  • Easy registration process (entrance, lobby, reception desk, payment, key retrieval)
  • Room easy to move around in
  • Bed at proper height (less than 50 cm or 19.5 inches)
  • Sufficient space beside toilet
  • Grab bar near toilet
  • Sufficient space to turn in bathroom
  • Bath: Grab bars for toilet, bath and shower, along with portable transfer bench for bath (available on site or can be rented on request)
  • Clearance under lavatory
FAQ What is a certified "accessible" hotel?

A hotel whose main activities are accessible, i.e. an establishment that meets all criteria with respect to:

  • Hotel access
  • Room access
  • Ease of moving around hotel room
  • Bathroom access
  • Ease of moving around bathroom
  • Bathroom safety features

Dining rooms, spas and other services may not necessarily be accessible.


FAQ How is accessibility evaluated and how are tourist establishments certified? Whose responsibility is this?
  • In Québec, Kéroul, an independent and neutral organization mandated by the Ministère du Tourisme, is responsible for evaluating the accessibility of tourist establishments and assigning them an accessibility rating.
  • The evaluations are based on Québec’s Construction Code and the feedback provided by travellers and Kéroul evaluators.
FAQ Why are not more accessible establishments?
  • While there are still too few accessible establishments, their numbers are growing each and every year.
  • Kéroul wants to provide a quality product and ensure that travelers enjoy a positive vacation experience.
  • Tourist establishments join Kéroul on a voluntary basis.
  • Other establishments have been evaluated by Kéroul but did not receive an “accessible” rating for various reasons.
FAQ Why aren't all public sites accessible?
  • Tourist accommodation establishments built or renovated after 2001 must comply with Québec’s Construction Code and be accessible. Other types of establishments and services must also be accessible, although unfortunately this is not always the case.
  • That’s why Kéroul works with various organizations and government departments to raise the awareness of builders and site managers.


FAQ I have a disability and would like to travel in Québec. Where can I get more information?

We suggest you contact Kéroul at 514 252-3104 or

A non-profit organization, Kéroul seeks to inform and to represent, develop and promote accessible tourism and culture through Québec for all website, and its magazine. It also has a database with over 5,000 establishments whose accessibility has been evaluated (visit In addition, it works closely with governments and private enterprise to increase accessibility.

FAQ Are there any travel agencies in Québec that organize accessible group packages?

Looking for a travel agent? You can count on the agents who received the Kéroul’s Welcoming Ways specialized training. Click here.

FAQ Is there any agencies who provide support or care services for people with disabilities?

You are looking for support or care services during activities outside the home, tour or travel? Here are some resources to discover. Click here.