A wheelchair tour of Little Italy and the Jean-Talon Market

Vivere emozione! “Experience the emotion” is the slogan of Little Italy, a neighbourhood with a thousand and one flavours, shaped by the city’s first Italian immigrants, back in the 19th century. The neighbourhood has retained its irresistible charm over the years. The courtyards are overflowing with tomato plants and grapevines, soccer is a way of life and the unique aroma of cappuccinos mingles with the scent of simmering sauces. La dolce vita!

Accessible tour in Little Italy

Carte interactive de la Petite Italie

If the district has a lot to offer, it can be discovered mainly by walking. . . or riding!  Our suggested itinerary includes only a few real stops, but so many architectural wonders to discover from the outside! The total distance to complete the circuit is approximately 3.2 km (2 mi.).

Jean-Talon Market
Shamrock Place
Dante Park
Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense Church 
Saint-Zotique Avenue, Little Italy Park and the Main

You can consult our data sheets, when available, for all the technical details and photos illustrating accessibility. Also check out the official Little Italy website, from which the information was taken.

Jean-Talon Market

Marché Jean-Talon, étalages

Fall for the colours and flavours of the Jean-Talon market! All of Montreal gathers there every week to enjoy the region’s producers and the incredible diversity of fresh and tasty products, whatever the weather.

Take a stroll between the various stalls: the aisles are wide and the vendor’s stalls are of a relatively accessible height. Some of the adjacent stores are harder to get to: Marché des Saveurs has stairs only, and Alimentation Merci and Sushi Shop have steep slopes. There is also an underground parking lot with a reserved space. The most accessible universal washroom is located near the main entrance.

Shamrock Place

Place Shamrock, banc en s
Photo : Thierry du Bois

Right next to the Jean-Talon market, you can enjoy Shamrock Place, where contemporary blends with the old. An example of excellence in urban design, Shamrock Place is characterized by typical buildings from the Art Deco period.

Dante Park

Parc Dante, visite guidée

Continue your tour on Shamrock avenue, then on Saint-Dominique street. You will pass the old meat inspection clinic and fire station #31. A little further on, you will come across Via Dante, the heart of the district. In the alleys, the atmosphere becomes more intimate and you soon find yourself in Dante Park, a relaxing area where bocce lovers often meet.

Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense Church

Entrée accessible de l'église Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense

Designated a national historic site by the Canadian government in 2002, Chiesa della Madonna della Difesa (Our Lady of Defense), is the church of the oldest and largest Italian community in Canada. Even today, Quebecers of Italian descent come to celebrate weddings, baptisms, funerals, annual parties and other events.

 L'église Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense

A fresco of more than 200 Italian and Canadian religious and historical figures is still famous today, notably because it contains an image of Mussolini!

Saint-Zotique Avenue, Little Italy Park and the Main

Parc de la Petite Italie

If you’re in the mood to stray a little further from the metro station, take Saint-Zotique street and experience the sophisticated charm of its shops, which have a distinctly Italian identity. This route will get you to Little Italy Park, which overlooks another beautiful church. From there, you can get back to Jean-Talon station by way of “the Main”: Saint-Laurent boulevard. It is full of small shops and cafés that are the pride of locals.

Our suggestion here is to find a restaurant to recharge your batteries at the end of this circuit, but you might already have a full belly by then!

Explore the neighbourhood by metro from Jean-Talon station

Explore the city without a car thanks to the Montreal metro! While this means of transport has many shortcomings in terms of accessibility, it also offers several opportunities. In fact, we have found 60 points of interest within 500 metres of the 16 accessible STM stations. Jean-Talon station is a good gateway to Little Italy. It’s worth trying to get around this way.


Access to the elevator is through the entrance at 430 Jean-Talon street east, circled in red on the plan.

Plan de l'édicule accessible du métro

 Enjoy your visit to Little Italy.