Discover the surprising Centropolis of Laval

Very close to Montreal, Laval is an underrated destination. Yet, the city has thousands of activities, each more original than the other! The Centropolis is a complex with a multitude of addresses where to meet, entertain, eat, shop or relax. Short tour of its main attractions accessible to all.

Carte du Centropolis comprenant les principaux attraits

Source : Centropolis

On the map, we see reserved parking for people with disabilities. An interactive version of the map is available online.


Le Calvi

(partially accessible)


Calvi’s dishes are all Mediterranean-inspired. Among others, you can find French, Italian, Greek and Spanish dishes, enough to enlighten our taste buds! The comments are almost unanimous: the quality of the food is excellent.


The access ramp is a little out of the way – it is located in front of the entrance of the restaurant Les 3 Brasseurs – and the accessible washrooms do not contain a grab bar. However, they offer a more than adequate transfer area.


Gâteau au chocolat du Calvi


Escalade Clip n’ Climb 

(partially accessible)


All in colour and form, the climbing centre Clip n ‘Climb fascinates with its variety of activities and services. The experience is tailored to the needs and physical condition of the visitor, thanks to the dedicated staff members. These are particularly multilingual: the service can be done in eight languages, including the Quebec sign language! Otherwise, a support harness with a seat is available. For people with a visual or intellectual impairment, or an autism spectrum disorder, the colourful and sometimes even bright shots are ideal for maximizing their experience.


In 2017, Clip ‘n Climb was awarded the Jury’s Coup de Coeur award in the Accessibility category of the Tourism Excellence Awards.


Two reserved parking spaces are located near the entrance. The exterior and interior circulation is done without hindrance. However, restrooms are narrow.

Photos : Jonathan Gagnier et Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie de Laval


Sukho Thaï 



In a modern environment with warm colours, the Sukho Thai restaurant mixes Thai and Korean flavours with brio. Let yourself be surprised by a duck breast grilled with five spices or a sea bass with coconut milk steamed in a banana leaf!


Assiette du Sukho Thai



(partially accessible)


SkyVenture is a free fall simulator. The company offers the opportunity to experience an extraordinary sensation in a controlled environment, at a lower cost than a parachute jump. People with disabilities are very well received, and company communications demonstrate this. A section of the site details the particularities of an adapted flight. A video is even available, where you can see harness made for people with reduced mobility.


The toilets are considered narrow, but it’s easy to go in otherwise.


Enfant volant à SkyVenture



(partially accessible)


Elixor is an amazing fusion restaurant. The flavours of the world are judiciously mixed to create modern and succulent dishes.


Four centimetres threshold at the entrance. Toilet not ideal, but functional.


Rouleaux d'avocats du Elixor





The Cosmodôme is an interactive scientific museum allowing living the space adventure. Virtual missions, 4D cinema, training simulators and a visit to the Endeavour shuttle will transport you far from Earth’s orbit! For young explorers, several camps are available to discover more in depth the wonders of space.


The accommodation for Space Camp is relatively accessible: the room is suitable, but the shower has a step.


Le Tire-Bouchon Bistro Parisien

(partially accessible)

The Parisian bistro corkscrew let us discover its cuisine and its wine bar in the typical atmosphere of a restaurant located along the Champs-Elysées. The bistro classics, such as canapés, simmered dishes, tartars, bibs and cheese platters, are in the spotlight.


The access ramp is a little out of the way – in front of the entrance to the restaurant Les 3 Brasseurs – and the use of toilets is not ideal, although they are functional.


Assiette du Tire-Bouchon



Laval is more than Centropolis! Here are some other unavoidable addresses, all listed accessible:



Enjoy your stay where there is “plenty of business to do”, as the Laval tourism slogan highlights!