Discover the wonders of the Village in a wheelchair

The openness that reigns in Montreal’s Village of makes it a vital part of the city’s urban landscape. A meeting point for the LGBTQ+ community, a shopping area and a place to live, the Rainbow District is not just a playground for night owls (even though the ambiance is great). It is also one of the neighbourhoods that expends the most efforts to install removable ramps in front of businesses with a step. You could say inclusion is their philosophy!

5 points of interest accessible in The Village

The Village is full of pleasant spaces that are also accessible or partially accessible. You can stroll its streets along a route totalling about 3 km (2 mi.). The highlight of the show is certainly Sainte-Catherine street, always well decorated during the summer season, but vibrant all year long!

L’Olympia de Montréal
Galerie blanc
Usine C
Écomusée du fier monde
Espace Mushagalusa

The Olympia

Montreal’s Olympia is a splendid venue that is just intimate enough for the audience to really connect with the performers on stage.

The ground floor, the only wheelchair-accessible floor, includes all the necessary services. In terms of seating configuration, there are 6 reserved seats, both in the rear and in the middle. The entire floor is accessible, although the majority of it is on a gentle slope, with the exception of a few landings. The washroom is partially accessible, as there is no transfer area on the side.

Galerie blanc

Galerie Blanc is an open-air art gallery whose mission is to bring art and the public closer together. It offers an open-air exhibition that is accessible day and night, rain or shine. It brings the museum concept into an urban context, which destabilizes the viewer. Go through it at several different times of day to appreciate all its richness!

The space is completely flat, but its surface is covered with coarse gravel.

Usine C

Since 1995, Usine C has been a dynamic national and international centre for creation and presentation in Montreal’s Centre-Sud district. It includes two concert halls seating 440 or 120, a rehearsal studio, an exhibition hall and a café. Its multidisciplinary program of hybrid works at the crossroads of theatre, dance, music and media arts is a dream come true!

Wheelchair access is through the secondary entrance to the facility. We’ll see you all at 1901, rue de la Visitation.

Écomusée du fier monde

A history museum and a citizen’s museum, the Écomusée du fier monde is truly rooted in its community. It invites you to explore little-known aspects of Montreal culture, notably its working-class and marginalized residents. Each year, the museum hosts the D’un œil différent exhibition (through a different eye), which showcases works by artists with intellectual disabilities or who are on the autism spectrum.

Despite all its inclusive outreach, the museum is only partially accessible. The site’s elevators and wheelchair lifts are quite limited, as are the multi-purpose washrooms.

Espace Mushagalusa

The showcase of the Espace Mushagalusa lets you travel thanks to the beauty of the works you can see. The institution is dedicated to promoting African art and artists of diversity. Concerts, book launches, conferences, exhibitions and community workshops are held regularly.

The building as a whole is fairly accessible (from the exhibition rooms to the washroom), but there are some shortcomings with the outside ramp.

Visit the Village by metro via Berri-UQAM

Explore the city without a car thanks to the Montreal metro! While this mode of transport has many shortcomings in terms of accessibility, it can also bring you to several touring destinations. In fact, we have found 60 points of interest within 500 metres of the 16 accessible STM stations.


Berri-UQAM station is your gateway to the eclectic Village. You can access the station through the entrance at 1470 Saint-Denis street, circled in red on the map. It is also possible to go through the Grande Bibliothèque and UQAM, but only when they are open.

Enjoy the surprises of the Village!