Discovery for all ages getaway

icone days 2 days

icone km 110 km

icone region Eastern Townships

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Inspired by the chemin des Cantons (Townships Tour), this route lets you discover the Eastern Townships’ pastoral scenery, making it an educational and fun outing for the entire family! The region offers access to a host of exciting activities, as well as a variety of accommodations and restaurants to meet every taste.

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Culture itinerary

icone days 7 days

icone km 600 km

icone region MontréalQuébecCharlevoix

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On this tour of seven days, not only will you visit the best museums, architectural sites  and most significant historic sites, but you will encounter a fascinating world of artists and craftspeople.

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12 establishments

Two-day new France itinerary

icone days 2 days

icone km 4 km

icone region Québec

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Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Québec City is North America’s only fortified city. Abounding with treasures, it is much more than a museum town; inside the walls of Old Québec and beyond, a host of gourmet experiences, events, and cultural, sporting and commercial activities awaits you.

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Family nature itinerary

icone days 2 days

icone km 70 km

icone region Outaouais

  • circuit-outaouais-famille

Enjoy a family tour and discover nature at its best in the beautiful Outaouais region. Sports and outdoor activities for the whole family!

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Discovery for all getaway in Montréal

icone days 2 days

icone km 3 km

icone region Montréal

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Have fun while you discover and learn about the beautiful city of Montréal! You can stay at one of the suggested accommodation establishments and eat at any of the inviting restaurants to suit your taste and pocketbook.

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