Accessibility and Nature: The Parc de la rivière Gentilly Welcomes You   

Parc de la rivière Gentilly, nestled in the heart of nature, is not only a refuge of natural beauty, it’s also a model of accessible tourism. Indeed, this magnificent park is committed to creating an inclusive environment for visitors of all abilities. Discover why this unique place is a must for an enriching and accessible outdoor activity. 

A commitment to inclusion 

The Park firmly believes that accessible tourism is essential to building a more inclusive and equitable world. This philosophy goes beyond simply adapting infrastructures for people with disabilities. It is an essential element in promoting social, economic and cultural inclusion, while enriching the travel experience for everyone. 

Accessible outdoor activity - Three women carrying a young girl in an all-terrain wheelchair in an autumn landscape

Redesigned infrastructures for all

To achieve this vision, the park has undertaken significant improvements. Two of its chalets, as well as all its common areas, have been completely redesigned to accommodate people with impaired mobility. These improvements ensure that every visitor can enjoy their stay in complete tranquillity. 

Wooden chalet interior with wheelchair-friendly countertops

Moreover, a 1.3 km obstacle-free path runs around the campsite. This accessible walk allows everyone to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the park without encountering any physical barriers. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or a more in-depth exploration, this trail is perfect for you.  

Tree-lined gravel paths and a bench for resting

An immersive experience for all the senses 

Parc de la rivière Gentilly doesn’t stop at physical accessibility. Aware of the varied needs of its visitors, the park offers interpretation panels and audioguides along the inclusive route. These tools enable blind and deaf visitors to discover the park’s history and natural riches in an immersive and educational way. 

Accessible outdoor activity - In the background, a forest with a walking trail. In the foreground, a sign indicating the position on the trail and the accessibility pictogram.

In short, why visit Parc de la rivière Gentilly? 

  • Accessibility: Adapted infrastructures and an obstacle-free trail guarantee a pleasant experience for all. 
  • Inclusivity: Interpretive tools such as panels and audio guides allow everyone to discover the park’s history and nature in an immersive and educational way. 
  • Nature and serenity: Nestled in the heart of magnificent landscapes, the park offers a breathtaking natural setting, ideal for rejuvenation and relaxation. 
  • Specialized facilities: For the more adventurous, the park provides an all-terrain wheelchair enabling accompanied people with disabilities to venture onto more remote trails and further explore the surrounding nature. 
  • Social commitment: In addition to its tourist vocation, the facilities also serve the local community, including rehabilitation groups. Thanks to its constant efforts to promote accessibility and inclusion, the park demonstrates that tourism can and must be an activity where everyone has a place.  

Plan a visit! 

Parc de la rivière Gentilly awaits you for a unique and inclusive experience. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or discovery, this park is the ideal destination for all travelers. For more information and to plan your visit, visit the official Parc de la rivière Gentilly website and discover a place where nature and inclusion meet in harmony. 

A wide path leads to two chalets in the forest

Accessible outdoor activity – Article written in collaboration with Parc de la rivière Gentilly

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